PhD Application Procedures

The annual PhD application deadline is January 16th.

Please advise both the University of Utah Graduate School and the College of Social Work of any changes to your contact information or to your academic plans after your application has been submitted.

The online Application for Admission has nine sections. Following each section heading (listed below) is information needed by the PhD Program, although the application system will not require the information to complete the application process. Please ensure that, in addition to the information listed below, all requested information is provided.

     Personal Data

     Contact Information
          Telephone Numbers

     Ethnic Origin/Veteran Info/Languages
          Ethnic Origin/Veteran Info/Languages

     Program Information
          Please select Social Work PhD from the drop-down menu.

     Educational History
          Official copies will be requested if you are admitted, but uploading a copy will help expedite your application.
          GRE Test Scores
          If you do not have scores from a test taken within the past five years, the GRE test should be scheduled before the application deadline.
          Please enter the DATE you are scheduled to take the GRE test.


     Academic Interests and Background
          Curriculum Vitae/Resume 
          Include: academic honors; membership and participation in professional organizations; and voluntary activities with community, social welfare or civic organizations.
          Statement of Purpose
          Please see PhD Admission Requirements for information on what to include.
          Writing Sample 
          Please see PhD Admission Requirements for information.

     FT Employee

          Please see PhD Admission Requirements for information.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to see that the application is completed. Recommendation for admission will occur ONLY after the application is complete and has been reviewed by the PhD Admissions Committee.

Application for Admission
We encourage you to submit your application as early as possible.

Last Updated: 12/17/18