Other Funded Research

Gren, L., Frost, C. J. (Co-PI). Evaluation of the Ryan White Program Part B. Utah Department of Health. Total Funds: $46,910. January 2017 – December 2017.

  • This project reviewed program structures from various states on the Ryan White Part B program and developed recommendations for effective service delivery to people with HIV and AIDS.

Negrette, J.C., Frost, C. J. (Co-PI). Evaluation of Impact of Intrahealth International Services. Intrahealth International. Total Funds: $23,933. August 2017 – December 2017.

  • This project reviewed and assessed literature about the impact of training health workers, revised program logic model, and analyzed program data to determine the direct and indirect impact of trainings in different countries.

Fukushima, A. I. (Contracted Researcher). Migratory Times. Institute of (Im)Possible Subjects. Funds, Abundance Foundation. Total Funds: $70,000. September 2016 – November 2017.

  • The Institute of (im)Possible Subjects (IiS) is a transnational feminist collective of artists, writers, and researchers. IiS collaborates with primary nodes in South Korea, the Philippines, and Colombia, engaging in translocal conversations on questions of global migrations, gender, and the politics of movement. Each of these nodes will host, in overlapping sequence, a series of exhibitions, screenings, educational events, and art and media production workshops. The main events, held outside of metropolitan centers, will emerge from research groups and learning circles engaging the experience of migrants and refugees in the different localities; the temporalities of migration; the geo-politics of human migration; and the racialized and gendered dimensions of migration. Migratory Times constructs a translocal architecture for overlapping learning, research, and making circles across diverse sites.

Fukushima, A. I. (Contracted Researcher). A Mixed Methods Analysis of Cultural Competency in Anti-Trafficking Service Provision. Anti-Trafficking Collaborative of the Bay Area, Office for Victims of Crime. Total Funds: $6,000. 2016 – 2017.

  • Fukushima was contracted by an OVC-funded agency to conduct an evaluation of the organization’s service provision for survivors of human trafficking in California.

Hoy-Ellis, C. P. (Faculty Research Affiliate). Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS): Marginalized Older Adults. Goodwill Initiatives on Aging. Total Funds: $849,823. July 2015 – June 2018. 

  • This project is investigating current institutional policies, structural practices, and competency of LTSS workforce in providing care to sexual and gender minority (SGM) older adults in Utah.

Yi, J. (PI). Photo Storytelling for Latino Immigrant Adolescents. University of Utah Tanner Humanities Center. Total Funds: $7,500. August 2017 – June 2018.

  • The innovative community-based mental health empowerment program developed by Dr. Yi will be implemented in collaboration with therapists at Community Health Centers, Inc. of Utah (CHC). The project will use Photo Storytelling, a new intervention method, to empower adolescent Latinos to manage and thrive beyond their life challenges and integrate Photo Storytelling into supportive group therapy sessions.
Last Updated: 1/22/19