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Welcome to our first edition of Research Matters! The University of Utah College of Social Work is a leader in social work education and research. As you read through the pages of our 2017 report, you will find that our outstanding faculty are tackling tough social welfare problems, engaging in cutting-edge research, and serving as leaders in research innovation, publications, and federally funded projects. Enjoy!

— Martell Teasley, PhD, MSW 
Dean & Professor

Academic statistics for 2017



Child Welfare & Indigenous Families

"This book is unique in the way it pushes past the list of problems and reflects on what is actually being done to take back the strengths of American Indian life."  Read More…


Effects of Mindfulness-Oriented Intervention

"Social workers can make a dent in the opioid crisis by providing mind-body therapies throughout the healthcare system, wherever pain is found." Read More...

 Title IV-E Training, Department of Health and Human Services

"I love the idea that I might be able to help one more child welfare worker better serve the families they work with... How many clients does that contribution spread to over the career of that worker?" Read More…


Interprofessional Collaborative Systems-based Practice

"I'm convinced patients with complex medical and behavioral health needs are better served by an interprofessional team than by a single health provider." Read More...




Funded Grants

Other Funded Research



Welcome Philip Osteen

Dr. Philip OsteenThe University of Utah is thrilled to welcome Dr. Philip Osteen, who will join the College of Social Work faculty in July as director of the Social Research Institute.  His research—centered on the role of professionals and community members in identifying, assessing, and linking suicidal individuals to treatment—will be an invaluable addition to our research community and to our University.  His most recent work includes the research prioritization of the national strategy to reduce suicide deaths 20% by 2025.  Dr. Osteen explained the motivation behind his move to Utah: “I was drawn to the University of Utah College of Social Work by the tremendous resources, infrastructure, and expertise needed to carryout rigorous and meaningful research to improve the wellbeing of children, adults, and families.  Joining the College will allow me to engage in research addressing the substantial problem of suicide in Utah, particularly among youth.” 

“Dr. Osteen is a great hire,” said Dean Martell Teasley.  “He brings a valuable skill set that will be instrumental in moving the College’s research agenda forward.”


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