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Field training, or “practicum,” is an integral part of the social work curriculum. Field training involves being placed in an agency where students engage in social work activities under supervision. Engaging in actual social work activity is an excellent method to develop social work skills and identify areas of interest. All students in the regular (60-credit-hour) MSW programs complete 450 hour of practicum during the first year, then 600 hours of practicum during the second year, resulting in 1,050 hours of field training. Students in the Advanced Standing Program complete a total of 600 hours of supervised field training.

2018-2019 Practicum Calendar

Students complete each field practicum in a community agency under the direct supervision of a qualified social work practitioner. Placements are assigned by the MSW field education director and coordinators, taking into account the employment, volunteer, and life experiences that provide the foundation for each student’s individual learning and professional development.

In order to understand the ways in which social work concepts and activities impact populations, students are expected to work in their placements during regular agency business hours (usually Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) when social workers and administrators are most likely available for coordination, collaboration, and supervision.

Students are only placed in agencies that have been evaluated by the College of Social Work. The agency mission, scope of services, funding sources, staffing, client populations, levels of supervision, and learning opportunities are assessed in relation to professional accreditation standards established by the Council on Social Work Education. Criteria for agency selection include the agency’s mission to serve diverse clients and populations at-risk, and its commitment to promoting economic and social justice within the ethics and values of the profession.

Jamuna Jones, LCSW, Director of Field Education, 801-581-5603

Trinh Mai, LCSW, Practicum Coordinator 801-581-4259

Mark de St. Aubin, LCSW, Practicum Coordinator 801-581-8901

Sonya Martinez-Ortiz, CSW, Practicum Coordinator 801-585-9017

Yvette González Coronado, LCSW, Practicum Coordinator 801-581-4711

Scott Sorensen, LCSW, Distance Ed. Practicum Coordinator 435-586-1938

Diane Buck, Administrative Assistant 801-585-7811

Judy Parker, Administrative Assistant 801-585-0445

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Field Instructor Application Form
Agency Application Form
Clinical Training Agreement
Affiliation Agreement

Resolving Distress Between Sexual and Gender Diversity, and Faith-Based Values

School Social Worker Certificate Application – this application is not available online, but can be obtained by contacting Diane Buck, Administrative Assistant (801) 585-7811 or

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