Admissions Criteria
The Admissions Committee engages in a holistic review process, drawing information from the following sources:

  1. Official transcripts
  2. Four professional recommendations
  3. Autobiographical Essay
  4. Clinical & Ethical Case Study Analysis
  5. Timed Social Issues Essay
  6. Resume

Occasionally, the Admissions Committee will request an interview with an applicant. Applicants may not request interviews.

Application Instructions

Application Submissions
All applications are created through ApplyYourself (AY). The University of Utah/MSW AY application and MSW application instructions undergo yearly changes and updates, so please wait to begin an application after August 1 each year. Please do not start or submit an application before August 1.

Applications cannot be processed or evaluated until you have paid the Office of Admissions application fee. This is the final step in the AY program and must be done by 11:59 pm MST on the application deadline date.

Click here for the ApplyYourself Instructions and Application.

If you will need accommodations in the application process, you will need to provide reasonable prior notice to the Center for Disability Services (CDS). The Center’s contact info is 801-581-5020, The Center for Disability Services will work with you and the MSW program to make arrangements for accommodations.

Note: In order to create an account with ApplyYourself, you will need to use an email address that you check regularly. Due to several instances of missed emails, it is highly suggested that you do not use a Hotmail email account in your application.

Reapplication Process 
Reapplicants must submit a new Apply Yourself application, using a different email address than was used for the previous application. Prior applications cannot be resubmitted. Submit all materials as described above, with the following modifications:

  • The autobiographical essay should be updated with what has been done to prepare for reapplication.
  • Submit a new case study analysis essay about a different case.
  • Recommendations can be the same individuals from the original application, but they cannot resubmit their previous recommendation forms.
  • An updated resume, which clearly outlines the number of hours per month and duties for both work and volunteer experiences, is required.
  • At the time of reapplication, applicants should have completed all the prerequisite classes listed in their initial application as needing completion, and any new current year application requirements, such as the timed social issues essay, must also be completed.
Last Updated: 1/15/19