Admissions FAQ

  1. Is the GRE/MAT required for admissions? No standardized test is required
  2. Do prerequisites need to completed before I apply? No, they just need to be completed before beginning the program.
  3. Is it necessary to have related experience in order to apply? Lack of related experience is a significant disadvantage. Related experience strengthens applications in many ways and it gives applicants the opportunity to become more familiar with the social work field and to learn how it is different from other mental health professions. Click here to see What Counts As Related Experience.
  4. I have already started an MSW program. Can I transfer? A request to transfer from another MSW program into the Advanced Standing MSW program may, under very specific circumstances, be approved.
  5. Can I transfer credit from courses I have already completed? Regardless of how many related credits have been taken at another institution, the university will only accept up to 6 transfer credit hours. Transferred courses must have a grade of “B” or higher.
  6. I have an unrelated bachelor’s degree. Would getting a BSW increase my chances of getting admitted to the MSW program? Gaining relevant experience, whether it be paid or volunteer, is more likely to strengthen an application than returning to school for another bachelor’s. However, in some cases (such as a low undergraduate GPA) completing a BSW may be helpful.If you are interested in discussing the BSW program, you can make an appointment with a BSW Advisor.
  7. How much does the program cost? Please see the Tuition Schedules found on the MSW Tuition page. Tuition schedules show cost per credit hour. Students in the Advanced Standing and Two-Year Program can expect to take approximately 15 credit hours a semester. Students in the Three-Year Program will take between 6 and 10 credit hours a semester.
  8. Can I start taking MSW courses before officially beginning the program? No, only students currently enrolled in the program can take MSW courses.
  9. Can I start the program in the spring? Because of the sequence of courses the program can only be started in the fall.
  10. Are MSW courses offered online? Currently, our program is a campus-based program only. However, there are a few electives offered during the second year of study that are offered online.
  11. How can I make an appointment with an advisor to discuss the MSW program? You can schedule an appointment with a pre-MSW advisor through our Academic Advising page

Last Updated: 3/7/19