Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health (MSW/MPH) Joint Degrees

The MSW/MPH Program is for students who seek advanced training in social work and public health. Students pursuing the MSW/MPH joint degree will acquire the skills needed to work in the social service aspect of public health. These skills include the planning, management, and delivery of human and health services at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Students completing the joint degree will have a more rounded understanding of human behavior in the environment, as well as how individuals and communities are impacted by programs developed with a health focus. Students seeking to take advantage of the MSW/MPH Program must meet current University of Utah admission standards and be accepted to both the MSW Program and the MPH Program.

Program of Study

MSW/MPH Joint Degree Enrollment Form

Curriculum Scenario
Upon enrollment, students in the joint degree program will be required to take:

Required Course Hours: Social Work 32
  Public Health 24
Elective Courses:   12
Practicum Hours: (SW) 14
Total Program Hours   82

This option eliminates up to 23 credit hours that would be required for completing the two programs separately. Because of this overall reduction in credit requirements for both degrees, a student enrolled in the joint MSW/MPH degree program can expect to complete the two degrees in approximately 6-8 semesters of full time study. A student enrolled in the joint degree program must complete all MSW and all MPH requirements before either degree will be awarded. Upon completion of both programs, the student earns two separate degrees: an MSW degree awarded by the College of Social Work and an MPH degree awarded by the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine.

Students who wish to complete a joint degree must apply to both programs and be accepted by both programs simultaneously in order to begin their joint degree program. Admission/acceptance into one program does not guarantee admission/acceptance into the other. Both degrees are conferred at the same time, even if requirements are completed for one before the other. Additionally, a student may not take the CSW licensing exam until both degrees are completed.

Students completing the MSW/MPH Joint Degrees should meet with the advisor for each program before beginning their study. To review the planning guide for the MSW/MPH Joint Degree, click on “course planner” above.


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Last Updated: 2/8/19