Master of Social Work and Master of Public Administration (MSW/MPA) Joint Degrees

The MSW/MPA Program provides students the opportunity to develop specialties in social work and public administration. The program is designed to help students gain clinical knowledge and experience, along with administrative (e.g., budgeting, human resource management, program evaluation, etc.) experience concurrently.

Students who wish to complete a joint degree must apply to both programs and be accepted by both programs simultaneously in order to begin their joint degree program. Admission/acceptance into one program does not guarantee admission/acceptance into the other. Both degrees are conferred at the same time, even if requirements are completed for one before the other. Additionally, a student may not take the CSW licensing exam until both degrees are completed. Upon completion of both programs, the student earns two separate degrees: an MSW degree awarded by the College of Social Work and an MPA degree awarded by the Center for Public Policy and Administration, College of Social and Behavioral Science.

Program of Study

MSW/MPA Joint Degree Enrollment Form

Curriculum Scenario
Under the schema illustrated below, a joint degree student would complete 51 hours in the MSW Program, and 30 hours (9 core courses, 1 elective course) in the MPA Program. If needed, joint degree students may complete their MPA internship requirement through the MSW practicum requirement. The MPA Program’s major research paper requirement can be met through the MSW project requirement, but an MPA advisor must approve the final product. The advisor for the MPA program is Erin Moore, 801-585-7985,

Required Course Hours

Social Work 51
Public Administration 30
Total Program Hours 81 (saves 21 semester credit hours)



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Last Updated: 2/8/19