Joint Degrees

The College of Social Work has joint degree agreements with three different graduate programs:

Master of Social Work and Master of Public Administration Joint Degree (MSW/MPA)

Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health Joint Degree (MSW/MPH)

Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor Joint Degree (MSW/JD)

Joint degrees are offered on the assumption that there is complementary intellectual and professional benefit from studying social work and other concentrated areas of study. Students enrolled in a joint degree program earn both degrees in less time and with fewer overall credit requirements than if enrolled in each program independently

A student enrolled full-time in a joint degree program can expect to complete the two degrees in approximately six semesters of full-time study for the MSW/MPA and MSW/MPH degrees, or eight full-time semesters for the MSW/JD degrees. Graduates engaged in joint degree study must complete all MSW and all the other program requirements before either degree can be awarded. Upon completion of both programs, the student earns two separate degrees, an MSW degree awarded by the College of Social Work, and the graduate degree from the other college/department.

Students who wish to complete a joint degree must apply to both programs and be accepted by both programs simultaneously, following the directions in the Apply Yourself Instructions and Application in order to begin their joint degree program. Admission/acceptance into one program does not guarantee admission/acceptance into the other. Upon application and acceptance to both programs, the student must alert each program of his/her academic degree-seeking status so each program can track the student’s progress. Both degrees are conferred at the same time, even if requirements are completed for one before the other. Licensure as a social worker will only be granted by the Division of Professional Licensing when both degrees have been posted. Joint degrees are only available to MSW students in the full-time two-year (60 credit-hour) Salt Lake City MSW Program.

Last Updated: 10/9/18