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First Star Youth Coach (Seasonal)

The Summer Youth Coach is a critical position within First Star. Youth Coaches are mentors, supporters, role models and teachers to the First Star scholars. They supervise youth during all activities, provide academic support, develop, coordinate and implement life skills, self-advocacy and social justice curriculums. Youth Coaches also practice restorative justice with youth, remain on call for behavior management needs, and practice boundary-setting with students. To learn more about the First Star national non-profit, visit; for more about the University of Utah First Star Academy, visit

This is an entry-level position. Training will be provided. However, applicants must demonstrate a strong sense of communication and of responsibility, as they will be tasked with supervising minors with specific needs.
Must demonstrate an interest in learning about child development and guidance; a willingness to take direction and feedback from the manager and other leading staff; willingness to obtain a food handler permit, TB test, background check, first aid training if required, an understanding and willingness to learn about diverse (a)genders and (a)sexualities, racial and ethnic diversity, and social justice; strong work ethic and willingness to work the expected and unexpected hours necessary to achieve a successful Summer Academy.

Summer Training: June 5th – 16th
Summer Academy: June 23th – July 21st
Group and Individual Debriefing from July 24-28th

During Summer Academy, Youth Coaches will work approximately 40 hours per week distributed across the 7 days of the week.

Youth coaches must be available for either all of the day or all of the split/night shifts, or a variety of both while maintaining on average a 40-hour work-week (this only applies to summer academy; if youth coaches stay on for the remainder of the year they will not be expected to work full-time).

There are two shifts:
· Day shift—10:00 am to 7:30 pm
· Split shift—7:00 pm to 11:00 pm, and 7:00 am to 11:00 am on the following morning*

Specific scheduling requests will need to be made in advance. It is unlikely that we can accommodate all specific schedule requests.

*Some staff may have the opportunity to sleep in the dormitories during the course of camp. Rooming and meals will be provided for those interested parties, but space is limited and largely on a first-come basis.

Restorative Justice Behavior Management

  • During Summer Academy, work with a team to use restorative justice practices to process and resolve student conflict, turn conflict into learning opportunities, and create trust and community
  • Assist students in identifying, communicating and managing emotions
  • Reliably on-call for behavior management needs
  • While on shift, supervise students at all times
  • Steadfastly and compassionately hold boundariesCurriculum Implementation

Curriculum Implementation

  • Implement life skills and self-advocacy curriculums that form part of the program and are integrated into daily life
  • Contribute to food and meal design, RA duties, student committees, special event planning, or weekend activity design as determined during staff training
  • Build rapport with youth while modeling appropriate behavior, including cleanliness, punctuality, language choice, and humor, and promoting positive decision-making
  • Prepare for and actively participate in staff training, meetings, and supervisory conferences
  • Maintain positive relationships with Academy staff, university staff and the youths’ caregivers and social workers

Minimum Qualifications
This is a seasonal, temporary, non-benefited position that can be used for positions six months or less.
Seasonal work generally means work that by its very nature can only be performed during certain times of the year.

Available between June 5th and July 28th, with flexibility for Saturday Academy one-offs in April

-Experience with social work either with the foster care system or in an adjacent field.
-Direct experience in working with foster youth.
· Previous experience in educational, therapeutic, wilderness, camp or other settings with a group of high school or middle school students.

Please click here for more information and to apply.

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