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Beginning date: As early as June 1, 2023


Compensation: Contracting reimbursement depends on experience and falls in the range of $76.00 to $100.00 per hour. 


Duties: This position requires skills in the effective delivery of therapeutic interventions. Maintaining organized notes and treatment planning, and producing those notes in a timely manner is required. Referrals are made with respect to a therapist's training and experience with specific populations, but it is anticipated that many of the available opportunities would involve treatment for anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, relationship concerns, adjustment concerns, and other issues.


Other Information: A master's degree in a relevant field and an active, unrestricted license (i.e., LCSW, LMFT, LMHC, or LPC) is required. Also, it is imperative that a hired candidate meet relevant licensing requirements for the state of Utah. A hired candidate must also have at least 200 hours in conducting therapy before graduating with a master's degree and at least 2000 hours in conducting therapy after graduating with a master's degree.


About Utah Excel Psychology:


Utah Excel Psychology was founded by Dr. Aaron Allred in 2016 and has offices in Orem, Utah and West Valley City, Utah. Utah Excel Psychology provides psychological services to a wide variety of adults, adolescents, and children (ages 6+). The practice started as a group of specialists providing psychological testing and is now branching out to include additional services. More information can be found at the website,


How to Apply


To apply for the position, send a copy of your resume/CV to and complete the questions after clicking the link below.  


Click here to apply for the Master's Level Therapist Position  


Questions about the position openings can be directed to Dr. Aaron Allred at 801.472.4251 or

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