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Residential Therapist

Job Summary:
To address the mental and behavioral health needs of adolescent clients in residential treatment. Be a point person for the client and family to contact regarding all aspects of the treatment.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • None.


  • Provides counseling services for, up to, 12 adolescent clients. Oversee clinical hours in individual, family, and group therapy.
  • Plan and hold weekly clinical and specialty groups.
  • Completes a thorough psychological assessment and bio‐psycho‐social history upon client’s admission to outpatient treatment.
  • Identifies problematic behavioral, communication, and relationship patterns.
  • Collaborates with the family and/or individual family members to develop plans to positively manage and respond to issues; assists clients with replacing unhealthy or dysfunctional behaviors with healthy choices.
  • Acts as a liaison between parents, client, school, home staff, clergy, and other parties that affect the treatment of the client by ensuring confidential, consistent, and effective communication regarding the client’s progress and needs.
  • Facilitates weekly individual, family, and group therapy sessions to assist client through the change process and prepare for discharge to lower level of care.
  • Participates in weekly treatment team meetings to ensure clinical needs of all clients are being met.
  • Assists clients in developing new or strengthened communication skills and methods.
  • Diagnoses and applies appropriate treatments for psychological disorders.
  • Collaborates with clients to develop post‐treatment activity plans.
  • Refers clients to specialists for further treatment as appropriate.
  • Develops and maintains accurate records regarding case progress, evaluations, and any further
    treatment recommendations.
  • Drafts and submits necessary paperwork to insurance companies.
  • Maintains compliance with ethical codes and standards.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • Openness to working within an agency where spirituality is a primary focus of treatment.
  • Flexibility regarding assignments and extracurricular opportunities with clients.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Superior verbal and written communication skills.
  • Compassionate and empathetic with a strong ability to establish and build trust.
  • Excellent listening skills.
  • Ability to remain calm and reassuring in tense situations and to de‐escalate arguments.
  • Thorough understanding of human behavior, various behavioral and affective disorders, and the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of these disorders.
  • Organizational skills required to manage complex, deadline‐driven paperwork including billing and insurance claims.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.
  • Thorough understanding of applicable ethical codes and standards.

Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree in in Social Work, Psychology, Professional Counseling or related field
  • Current state license in Counseling/Therapy.

Physical Requirements:

  • Prolonged periods sitting, listening, and observing or working on a computer.
  • Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times.
  • Regular reliable attendance.
  • Must be able to preform work at West Ridge Academy’s main office.

For more information, contact Tammy Harter, Human Resources Director,, 801-282-1000 ext 1002

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Last Updated: 3/15/23