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Summer Mental Health Advocacy Program

Camp Tuttle is currently seeking qualified individuals to apply for our Mental Health Advocacy Program. The individual should be interested in working outdoors with youth ages 7-18 and young adults ages 18-25. This position requires some background and experience as a student or worker in the field of mental health or adjacent fields (e.g. social work, education, recreation leadership, etc).

Candidates should be willing and ready to help collaborate, plan, and design a program that offers counselors and campers workshops, activities, and discussion opportunities surrounding positive mental health practices like emotional regulation, healthy boundaries, coping skills, self care promotion, etc. A commitment to the summer schedule (below) is required. Room and board are provided during the camp sessions. Summer salary is dependent on experience, and will start at $22/hour.

• Age 21+
• Bachelor's Degree required
• Experience with children and youth recommended
• Passion for outdoor recreation
• Strong leadership skills
• Highly skilled interpersonal communicator
• Ability to work closely with a staff of young adults (age 16-25) in a summer camp setting
• Commitment to summer schedule

For inquiries and further information contact Camp Tuttle Director, Ingrid VanZanten (she/they),  More information available at

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Last Updated: 3/1/23