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Clinical Therapist/Counselor

Position: Clinical Therapist/Counselor
For Our Orem, Utah Office

• Provide outpatient mental health treatment
• Set up and implement client treatment plan
• Document implementation of client treatment plan on a weekly/per session basis to
facilitate medical insurance billing
• Follow up and/or schedule client therapy sessions
• Participate in practice staff meeting with other therapists
• MSW, MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, or MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
• Approximately 10 to 30 client hours per week (we are flexible based on your availability)
• Largely independent and able to self-manage one’s own case load and schedule
• Be willing to be a W2 contract worker, no health benefits will be provided

Veritas Mental Health provides effective alternatives for understanding and treating anxiety,
depression, sexual addiction (pornography), eating disorders, substance abuse, and mood
disorders. As our name suggests, Veritas (Latin for “purity” and “truth”) specializes in educating
and providing healthy alternatives to hopeless and frustrated individuals who desire relief and
healing from the bonds of unmanageable emotions and behaviors. We have been using our
successful therapeutic model for over 13 years and continue to develop it. We have utilized both
current research and experience to help thousands of clients reestablish positive control of their
unwanted behaviors, increase their acceptance of self, and regaining healthy, productive and
honest relationships.

• Learn and develop clinical skills using an effective method of interpersonal treatment to
treat mood disorders and addiction
• Very light paperwork load
• Very open and flexible schedule
• Learn the ropes of a private practice
• Compensation is/ per client seen + Supervision and Staff meetings, based on licensure
and experience

If interested, please contact Mike Cox at or (801) 376-7560.

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Last Updated: 4/12/23