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Research Analyst

Job Summary
The Social Research Institute (SRI) seeks a Research Analyst to assist in the coordination and data analysis in R for research projects focused on child and social welfare. This position involves working closely with other research members at SRI as well as state agency staff and administrators in designing research methods, data collection, statistical data analyses, and reporting of findings. Experience in quantitative research methods is required, with experience in both quantitative and qualitative research methods preferred. The work requires both independent work and collaboration with SRI internal team as well as contact with state agencies and programs. This position may require local travel.
Essential Functions
The Research Analyst will work with other research members in SRI and social service programs across the state of Utah. Each program is enrolled in a multi-year evaluation process that includes the following components for which the successful candidate will be responsible:
    1. Demonstrate working knowledge in R for data preprocessing and analysis.
    2. Conducting various statistical analyses of child and social welfare outcomes;
    3. Conducting evaluations of program quality using a structured assessment;
    4. Collecting data, including surveys and administrative data;
    5. Coordinating research efforts, including study design, methodology, and reporting;
    6. Synthesizing research findings and technical analyses for public dissemination;
    7. Presenting evaluation and improvement results to state-level administration.


University of Utah College of Social Work is piloting Hybrid work. The Research Analyst will work a minimum of 2 days per week from the University of Utah main campus located in SLC, and the remaining days from home.

Work Environment and Level of Frequency that may be required
Nearly Continuously: Office environment.
Physical Requirements and Level of Frequency that may be required
Nearly Continuously: Sitting, hearing, listening, talking.
Often: Repetitive hand motion (such as typing), walking.
Seldom: Bending, reaching overhead.
Minimum Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree in a related scientific field, or equivalency, plus two years of related experience. Demonstrated human relations and effective communication skills required. A valid Utah Driver’s License may be required in certain departments.
  • Experience in qualitative research methods.
  • A strong desire to improve the quality of social service programming.
  • The ability to establish strong working alliances with program administration and staff.
  • Understanding of evidence-based practice and program evaluation.


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Last Updated: 9/19/22