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Parental Defense Services Social Worker

Position: Part-time Parental Defense Services Social Worker contract position with the Box Elder Public Defenders through its contracted indigent parental defense attorneys.

Position Description:
The Parental Defense Services Social Worker will assist attorneys and their clients navigate the Division of Child and Family Services system, affiliated agencies, and court processes under the attorney’s direction and management. The Parental Defense Services Coordinator is expected to enter a services contract with the attorneys individually.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements:
1. Must be licensed with one of the following: clinical social worker, certified social worker, marriage and family therapist, clinical mental health counselor.
2. Must have reliable transportation and be willing to travel to Brigham City multiple days a week.

Essential Functions: Under direction and supervision by the Box Elder Public Defenders, the Interdisciplinary Parent Representation Social Worker will support case management efforts, and interact with clients in activities outside of court proceedings and will participate in court proceedings under attorney’s direction and management. See further details below.

Under the direction of the appointed parent’s attorney the Social Worker’s duties will include:
1. Support Attorney and clients navigate the parental and child welfare, as well as criminal justice systems.
2. Attend Child and Family Team meetings
3. Contact with Client - email, letter, meeting, meeting with client and service provider, phone call, text, voicemail contact with others regarding case - DCFS/FRC Caseworker, court team, client’s therapist, client’s treatment, client’s family
4. Interact with criminal justice agencies, child welfare agencies, treatment agencies, and other agencies providing services to clients in order to promote the client’s best interests.
5. Attend Hearings – dispositional, evidentiary, expedited motion, order to show cause, permanency, pre-trial, review, shelter, adjudication, termination of parental rights
6. Attend mediation
7. Review discovery, assessments, court reports, petitions, treatment letters, files, other documents
8. Review service/treatment plans – provide support in preliminary assessment of readiness to change, identify barriers, provide support, and collaborate to facilitate positive changes.
9. Staffing and consultation with attorneys and staff

Compensation: $25,000.00 salary. This position is 100% funded by the State of Utah through a grant made available by the Utah Indigent Defense Commission.

Contact: Please email your resume to

Reach out to Miriam with any questions 435-999-4892; call or text.

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Last Updated: 9/29/22