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House Manager


Live in residential staff to provide house management and support for residents at the Milestone Homes.


Two (2) years of closely related experience performing similar functions in a youth or group home environment.


  • The On-Site House Manager plays a critical role of modeling adult behavior and positive language in a shared living space.
  • Acts as a leader and advisor for the young adult residents and as a liaison among stakeholders:
  • Orients participants to program expectations.
  • Participates with residents in recreational and educational activities and provides general information as necessary.
  • Spends time studying, watching TV, or reading in the common areas and is available to talk to residents as needed.
  • Understands emergency plans and ensures resident safety and intervenes in situations that threaten the residents or the house
  • Monitors participants; supervises biweekly chores; and deescalates disputes including stabilizing situations and possesses a knowledge of who to contact for further conflict resolution.
  • Coordinates and facilitates weekly house dinners and life skills activities.
  • Reminds residents of the Respect Code, project expectations, and house policies and reports any problems to the appropriate party for resolution.
  • Attends orientation training and on -going training as required.
  • Provides ongoing structured, stable, and interactive environment for young adults.
  • Assists with daily living and hygiene needs.
  • Addresses participant's daily physical and emotional needs.
  • Complete case recording documentation and all pertinent information in participants records as per agency policy and submits reports in a timely manner.
  • Maintains professional demeanor, complies with agency policies and procedures, maintains Pledge of Confidentiality, and adheres to Providers Code of Conduct.
  • Checks participant's belongings for weapons or contraband and confiscates unsafe or illegal materials.
  • Provides a safe, clean, and fair environment by engaging and monitoring participants to promote cooperation, safety, and compliance. Attends to potentially dangerous situations including facility and equipment damage.
  • Provides transportation to participants to various locations in the community to assist in their service and treatment needs and return home arrangements
This position will live and work on-site at the Milestone House while employed in the position.
Live-in Residential staff providing house management and support for ten (10) 18-21-year-old young adults experiencing homelessness who reside at the Milestone Homes.  This position is flexible and includes housing (rent & utilities), in addition to salary and benefits.
Medium strength rating.  Must be able to life 20 to 50 pounds occasionally.
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