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Clinical Therapist

How to Apply: Call Beecon Recovery at (435) 239-8768 OR Email your Resume to 

Job Type: Full-Time
Pay: $22 - $30 Per Hour Starting

Position Description
Provide direct therapy services for patients through individuals, group, and family therapy,
treatment planning, discharge preparation, and collaboration with case management and program staff members.

● Minimum of a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work, Clinical Psychology, licensed professional
counselor, or marriage and family therapy or related field. (May be within 6 months of obtaining)
● Must possess a current CPR/AED/First Aid Certificate

Skills & Competencies
● Intervention techniques of individual, group and family therapy in working with patients and their families.
● Basic knowledge of educational, psychological, family, and social work systems as related to
behavioral treatment.
● Must have a working knowledge of treatment plan development and implementation including
charting and progress notes and related documentation skills.
● Must be credentialed through Beecon Recovery’s Behavior Management Training Program.
● To consistently exercise good judgement and adequate emotional stability in evaluation situations and making decisions despite the pressures of deadlines or the occurrence of unexpected stressful events.

● Assist Facility Director/Operator with daily procedures and operations of the Program
● Participate in team meetings.
● Add new patients/clients to applicable file systems.
● Keep accurate records of patients/clients, update as needed.
● Maintain knowledge of ongoing changes to policies and procedures within the program.
● Understand and communicate patient/client expectations when necessary. Lead by example,
maintain personal boundaries, and withhold professional relationships.

● Maintain accurate patient/client records in BestNotes, ensure patient screenings. Ensure notes
are entered each day for the patients in which you performed a service for that day.
● Obtain required signatures and keep an audit for those files.
● Point of contact with patients, clients, associated partners or consultants
● Responsible for ordering facility supplies and verifying the delivery of such supplies.
● Vacuum, clean, take out garbage, and maintain offices and procedure rooms, and keep facilities
presentable for random tours.
● Be aware that this description will change and evolve constantly.

● Prepares and ensures that a complete psycho-social history and related substance abuse and
mental health assessments are done on each patient to provide information on the patient’s
personality and behavior including information regarding physical and mental condition;
hereditary, social, developmental, school environment, and personalities in the family, group, as
well as the patient’s reaction to them. Interviews with related significant family and friends may
also be required to complete the full assessment of needs and strengths.
● Provide weekly group therapy (which may include process group, task-oriented groups,
psychoeducation, or other group and treatment-oriented concerns) to help patients and staff
● Must provide 2-3 individual sessions per patient each week. This may or may not include a family
member, as dictated by client requests and needs.
● Monitor patient therapeutic needs weekly and collaborate with Substance Use Disorder
Counselor or Clinical Director to create adjustments in treatment plans and interventions.
● Create discharge plans that support patients’ needs, clinical appropriateness, and reflect the
program's philosophy about comprehensive and continued support.
● Participate in weekly staff meetings where patient’s treatment plans are discussed, formulated,
updated, and discharge and aftercare plans are formulated.
● Create and support continuous, appropriate, and effective communication regarding treatment
progress and patient information among all personnel involved in the program as well as with
parents, referral sources, payer sources, etc.
● Assist the Clinical Director in developing new policies and procedures.
● Will develop, plan, and implement parenting/family seminars when required and appropriate.
● Must keep in consistent contact with all clinical personnel or others with direct patient contact
● Execute job description and participate in yearly evaluations.
● May be required to participate in clinical team planning and budgeting meetings and discussions
related to primary therapy service.
● Must consistently demonstrate the ability to establish and maintain good public relations with
families, referral agencies, and other community resources.
● Must have the ability to express ideas clearly, concisely, convincingly and effectively when
addressing an audience.
● Assists and ensures that families are helped with problems arising from the patient’s admission to the program.
● Participate on committees and in professional meetings and staffing as necessary to the function
of the program as a whole.
● Assures consistency in dealing in a tactful and harmonious manner with staff, patients, the public,
and to adhere to and follow all patient policies and procedures as designated and defined by the
Program Director.
● May be asked to participate in the marketing and referral development activities.
● Meet with referral partners, other programs, potential patients and their parents to discuss the
program and Beecon Recovery’s approach to “recovery/treatment”.
● Participate in program wide IOP activities.

Physical Demands
● Ability to stoop, kneel, crouch, reach, stand, walk, push, pull, lift, and grasp.
● Ability to express and exchange ideas via spoken word during activities in which they must
convey detailed or important spoken instructions to others accurately, sometimes quickly and
● Ability to perceive detailed information through oral communication and to make fine
discriminations in sound.
● Work requires a minimum standard of visual acuity with or without correction that will enable
people in the role to complete administrative and clerical tasks and visually observe patients on
the unit and in therapeutic activities.

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