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Kaimana Intervention Therapist


 ●  Study the Kaimana Intervention curriculum all the way through at least once, then  become familiar with each lesson ahead of time at least one week prior to the lesson.
 ●  Discuss upcoming lesson outlines with the Kaimana Intervention Therapist
 Co-facilitator(s) and Cultural Consultant(s) prior to the time group is held. Please  schedule set times ahead of time.
 ●  Facilitate the group discussions and questions during the sessions (and the Process  Groups if being held).
 ●  Oversee and guide the assigned Kaimana Intervention Therapist Co-facilitator(s)  including how they oversee and guide the Kaimana Intervention Cultural Consultant(s) in  Training (Observers)


Must have a history of working with diverse populations
 ●  Must be open to cultural responsivity and practice respect among all diverse cultures.
 ●  Must have completed and earned at least one of the following licenses-  CSW, LCSW,  CMHC, LPC, LCPC, LPCC, LMHC, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Psychiatrist,  LMFT
 ●  Must pass current BCI
 ●  Must adhere to NASW VALUES and NASW CODE OF ETHICS
 ●  Must have a current and active DOPL (Division of Occupational & Professional  Licensing) license in your respective state
 ●  Must work well as a team with the Kaimana Cultural Consultant and the members of the  group professionally.
 ●  Therapists must observe at least 1 full group OR attend 1 full training and miss no more  than 1 session of observing/training in order to be certified. Must complete and turn in  homework from the 1 session missed.
 ●  While running groups in practice, no sessions are to be missed (In case of an emergency,  consider rescheduling the next group meeting).
 ● Must pass the Kaimana Certification Exam (88% or above, see NOTE below):
 - Multiple choice
 - Fill in the blank/can miss up to 2 questions and understand the errors in a discussion  with a fellow Kaimana Intervention Therapist, or retake it again after one week’s time
 ●  Must be familiar with the homework and its instructions and benefits

NOTE: See the Kaimana Intervention Website: for further  details regarding the certification exam for Kaimana Intervention Therapist and Kaimana  Intervention Cultural Consultant. 

For more information please contact Soa at  

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