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Licensed Therapist

We are looking for a full-time mental health therapist to work with our adolescent female clients.


We are a residential treatment center encompassed within a home setting. Our home is located in a picturesque and high-end neighborhood, nestled at the base of the canyons. We are passionate about-

  • Maintaining a strong and close-knit team environment. We eat lunches together as staff/teams whenever possible and support one another any way we can.

  • Adolescent mental health with emphasis on physical and emotional well-being. We offer yoga, breathwork, equine and art therapy to the residents of our home.

  • Providing great benefits and competitive salary, we have a full-time chef who makes everyone in the house amazing and healthy meals! Our commitment to making sure the clients in the house feel valued and cared for, we do the same for all of our employees.

  • Change, growth, and culture within our small company. We believe that these are at the core of our success and our ability to meet the needs of not only our clients, but our employees as well.


  • Flexible and wanting to have a workday off each week? You have the choice to work four 10-hour days or five 8-hour days! Which sounds like the best fit for you?

  • Wanting smaller caseloads? We work hard to ensure our therapists have low numbers of clients in order to keep stress low and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Passionate about working in the mental health field? And better yet, passionate about helping our youth?

  • Excited to come to work everyday and "show-up" for clients each day?

  • Willing to bring your knowledge and experience to benefit the lives of clients and our team?


We appreciate experiential therapy and would love to have someone who understands and supports the body-mind connection.


1. Client Treatment/Care

Therapist provides client care that will address core mental health issues within the program and the individual needs:

  • Conduct and chart on individual and family therapy for assigned clients.

  • Complete Mental Status Exam; safety concerns, emotional regulation, functioning and ADL patterns/concerns.

  • Assess safety concerns and communicate needs related to concerns

  • Provide on call therapy services as assigned.

  • Facilitate group curriculums. Collaborate on content for curriculum development as needed.

  • Coach client on successful engagement in program, social interactions and application of skills learned in therapy.

  • Plan treatment so that it identifies needs and concerns and addresses them with specific goals and interventions.

2. Treatment Team Coordination

Therapist interacts with the Treatment Team so feedback and care is coordinated within all branches.

  • Identify triggers, coping skills, precautions and communicate that in real time.

  • Schedule and communicate phone calls, passes and privileges.

  • Communicate with parents' treatment team information.

  • Identify program tools as needed to be utilized with client care.

3. Documentation

Therapist documents all services completed:

  • Complete documentation on time.

  • Provide information; accurate, thorough and comprehensive (IHE currently uses Alleva).


  • A minimum of 2 years working as a licensed therapist. Strongly encouraged to have experience with residential care.

  • Understanding and a desire to work with the adolescent population and their families.

  • Excellent professional and personal communication skills.

  • Strong clinical understanding of adolescent mental health diagnosis in the DSM-5 and the ICD 10, IV-TR, DBT, and Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, and more.

  • Have a valid Utah's Driver's License, and auto insurance.

  • Current License in Utah, can be MFT, LCSW, CMHC.

For more information or to apply, visit**MENTAL-HEALTH-THERAPIST,-BEST-JOB-OFFER-YOULL-SEE**/-in-Provo,UT?jid=92d82af869c213ba&lvk=oxMXES40x3n_9vvxws5rbA.--M5x-zea8R 

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Last Updated: 7/15/21