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Prevention Lead

This position will work under the direction of the Director of Recovery Programming and the Practice Manager for SCHC SUD Recovery Services. This individual will empower communities to promote substance free lifestyles; build community structures to support those lifestyles; and encourage and support coordinated, systemic approaches to the prevention of maladaptive use of substances. Create and sustain systems and structures that discourage maladaptive substance use, reduce its consequences, and encourage healthy behaviors in children, their families, and other adults.


Major Responsibilities/Tasks:
1. Provide or arrange trainings, technical assistance, and workforce development for providers, community coalitions and tribal members on Substance Use Disorders and Mental Health related topics.
2. Work with the Sacred Circle Healthcare Recovery Services Director and staff in implementing Substance Abuse Prevention evidence-based programs or other promising practices.
3. Establish both formal and informal alliances with organizations which have similar or allied goals, such as School Boards, law enforcement, health care providers, tribal elders, community centers, and service providers.
4. Develop tribal coalitions in tribal and rural communities considered at high risk based on data from substance use related community indicators.

Other Responsibilities/Tasks:
1. Managing and implementing community initiatives outlined in the Community Opioid Intervention and Prevention Program grant outline.
2. Administer all pre- and post-program evaluation tools.
3. Meet with and enlist key Agency and Tribal stakeholders, coalitions, and service providers to promote the goals of Sacred Circle Healthcare on Recovery and Substance Use Disorder treatment.
4. Participate in the development of Agency/Department strategic plans selecting goals, objectives, and targets.
5. Organize, coordinate, or assist in the organization of prevention activities (as outlined in Grant proposal).
6. Responsible for completing all mandatory paperwork which complies with grant requirements for timelines and behavioral guidelines.
7. Responsible for prompt compliance with all Agency and Departmental regulations and requirements.
8. Maintain productivity standards and expected billable units per week.
9. Assist in developing further grant applications to support Agency prevention goals or to assure sustainability of effort.
10. Responsible and accountable for attendance at Department Meetings supervision meetings, and Grant preparation meetings.
11. Serve as a customer service role model to insure a positive relationship in interactions with all clients, the community, and peers.
12. Perform duties as needed and/or requested to support and maintain Agency standards and continuous quality improvement of Department.
13. Must be able to work evenings/weekends and maintain reliable transportation.
14. Must be able to be at work on a consistent basis with regular attendance and punctuality and be willing and able to handle all the duties and responsibilities of this position daily.
15. Responds appropriately and effectively to the diversity of co-workers, consumers, and stakeholders.
16. Takes responsibility for other assignments as they arise in the development of Departmental activities.


EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree

EXPERIENCE: At least 2 years’ experience working in the Mental Health and Substance Use Prevention/Treatment or related field.


  • Experience in Human Services, Mental Health, community organization, program development and/or management, preferred.
  • Certified Prevention Professional, preferred.
  • Administrative & supervisory experience working with volunteers.
  • High Proficiency required in communication and relevant computer programs.

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Last Updated: 4/22/21