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Clinical Team Manager

The Clinical Team Manager (CTM) is a full-time salaried (40 hours per week) in-office management position at TherapyUtah. This position reports directly to the Clinical Director and is responsible for supervising and training clinicians, completing clinical intakes and client placement, and overseeing all aspects of the intern program. In addition, this position requires extensive knowledge of the LIFT Program and the ability to promote and recommend the program to potential and existing clients. The salary range for this position is $75K to $85K annually based on experience. This position is bonus eligible and includes 10 days of paid leave each calendar year. TherapyUtah currently does not offer health benefits.

Key Responsibilities

  1.  Psychotherapy
    • Up to 15 clinical hours per week performing intakes.
    • Promote and sell the LIFT Program.
    • Make recommendations for treatment and assign clients to the best therapist and/or resource.
    • Facilitate a minimum of two maximum of three (Men’s and Women’s) 90-minute LIFT Groups weekly.
  2. Recruitment of Clinicians
    • Work closely with the front office team to ensure clinical openings are in-line with client needs.
    • Participate in the new hire interview process.
    • Provide a knowledgeable assessment of clinicians during the probationary period to determine if they are a good fit to continue in a permanent position.
  3. Supervision of Clinicians
    • Manage/attend all clinical staffing, monthly all-staff meetings, administrative meetings and other meetings, as assigned.
    • Ensure clinician’s provide updated licensure information.
    • Track clinician’s supervision requirements and attendance at required trainings.
    • Meet at least weekly with the Clinical Director to discuss clinical needs, client feedback, training needs and opportunities.
  4. Intern Training Coordination
    • Liaison for academic institutions and participation in internship and career fairs.
    • Participate in interview process for potential interns.
    • Review of all internship documentation, including clinical notes, bio-psycho-social assessments and treatment plans.
    • Make recommendations regarding permanent job offer for interns.
  5. Leadership Responsibilities
    • Report monthly to Clinical Director on Key Performance Indicators.
    • Work closely with Front Office Manager and Client Experience Director to ensure client and clinician needs are being met.
    • Work closely with Clinical Director to support clinical team development.
    • Active engagement in improving systems, teamwork and client experience.
    • Assist the Clinical Director with special projects as assigned.
    • Outstanding communication skills, including writing, de-escalation, crisis intervention, and listening.
    • Excellence in balancing multiple responsibilities, organized and detail oriented.
  6. Work Experience Requirements
    • Fully Licensed in Utah with the ability to supervise clinicians.
    • Strong background in clinical therapy and assessment.
    • Extensive experience with group programs and group work.
    • Able and willing to perform intakes and or train on-line, if needed.
    • Extensive experience in the treatment of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.
    • Trained in at least one trauma-informed modality, such as, EMDR and IFS.

About TherapyUtah
Brannon Patrick, LCSW and Kathy Kinghorn, LCSW teamed up to build a practice that specializes in the treatment of sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. When Ray Kinghorn, became a partner and CFO it allowed them to bring best practices from the corporate world into their clinical practice. As the clinical team continues to expand, other therapeutic specialties have been added: treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, blended families, autism, play therapy, teen issues and Psychological Evaluations. Our stated mission is to inspire our team and our clients to be amazing!

About the LIFT Program
Brannon and Kathy built LIFT, a year-long curriculum delivered on-line, for sexual addiction and betrayal trauma clients. This pioneering program has received accolades from clients, clinicians and their colleagues in the recovery field.

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Last Updated: 4/14/21