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Graduate Research Assistant


The Trauma-Informed Utah initiative is collaborative grant project funded by the Utah Department of Health and managed by the Social Research Institute within the U’s College of Social Work. The goal of this project is to establish a statewide “Center” that will provide support to organizations and agencies across Utah who are working to become trauma-informed. The project’s executive team is currently facilitating planning meetings with three steering committees, comprised of 40+ community stakeholders, to draft the “blueprint” of the Center.


The Graduate Research Assistant will assist with literature reviews regarding the trauma-informed approach and its application in organizational settings, such as healthcare and education. Additional literature reviews will focus on compiling current research on the cost-benefit analysis and/or return-on-investment of the trauma-informed approach. The GRA will also provide support in identifying current best-practice assessment measures and/or evaluation tools used in the application of the trauma-informed approach in the organizational setting. The position will also be responsive to additional needs of the project’s three steering committees regarding research on current policy and organizational best practices in the field of trauma-informed approach as it applies to various section for example health care, schools, business and the general public. Additional tasks will likely include transcription of zoom sessions for discussion content and summarizing of discussions and findings.  


This is a part-time position (8-10 hours/week). Weekly work hours may fluctuate with project needs, but a minimum of 8 hours per week is required, including a weekly staff meeting. At least ½ of the work time will need to be completed during regular business hours (8am to 5pm). The worksite location (remote, onsite, hybrid) is negotiable as our team works closely together to provide support and stay connected during these pandemic times!

TO APPLY:  (Application deadline October 23rd)

Please submit your resume along with a cover letter outlining the relevant experiences and interest to bring to the project to Mary Beth Vogel-
Ferguson at

Please highlight any work in organizational implementation of trauma-informed principles and policy development that supports exploration of the questions to be reviewed in the literature.  

At the end of your cover letter please include answers to the following:

- I would be available to work as many as ______hours per week and as few as________ hours per week.

- How many hours (at most) would you consider ideal?

- Please identify the days and hours you could be available to work:

- Add any additional questions you would like addressed if you are invited to interview.

Thank you for your interest in this project.

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Last Updated: 10/29/20