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Research Associate

Survivor Wellness is seeking a research associate.  The goal of the research associate is below.


Demonstrate program efficacy to:
1. Provide patients with a survivor care plan.
2. Connect patients with community healthcare services based on clinical need.
3. Exchange data safely and securely with relevant systems.
4. Demonstrate utilization trends for needed community healthcare services.

Peer-Review Analysis of:
1. Implementation of the pilot program.
2. Engaging healthcare system partners.
3. Maintenance of strong bi-directional partnerships.
4. Recommendations for program improvements.
5. Epidemiologic review of cancer co-morbidity covariates.
6. Dissemination of on-going evaluation results (peer-review, web series, etc).

1. Evaluation report
2. Framework for program adoption to expanded demographics

Population Participants:
➔ N= 100

● Graduate student:
     ○ MSW, MBA, MPA, MPH, PhD

Stipend commensurate with KSA and SOW

Vision: “Ensure the needs of cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their caregivers are met
throughout the continuum of care.” (2016 – 2020 Utah Comprehensive Cancer Prevention and Control Plan)

Three strategies set forth by the Utah State Cancer plan: 
1. Identify the needs of cancer survivors and their caregivers.
2. Improve quality of life among cancer survivors and their caregivers.
3. Improve access to treatment options, symptom management, and follow-up
care for cancer survivors.

Initial Patient data collection tools:
1. Survivor Care Plan Questionnaire.
2. Social Determinants of Health Questionnaire.
3. Survivor Care Coordination Questionnaire.
4. Multiple Sub-Instruments & Scales:

Measured variables and characteristics
● Treatment history
● Co-morbidity disease incidence
● Co-morbidity disease risk
● Quality of care status
● Social determinant status
● Individual needs assessment
● Provider training
● Provider uptake
● Provider satisfaction
● Patient engagement
● Patient satisfaction
● Community level integration
● Community awareness
● Community linkages
● Economic development
● Company KPIs

Change in self-reported physical, mental, and emotional health
● Sleep quality
● Nutritional status
     ○ Digestive health
● Fitness levels
     ○ Physical and cognitive
     ○ Musculoskeletal health
     ○ Feelings of fatigue
● Feelings of isolation
● Financial security
● Meaning and purpose of life
● Pain management
● Practice of self-care

For more information, contact John Librett 

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Last Updated: 11/5/20