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Salt Lake County Internships

The COVID-19 crisis has been tough on all of our residents, but especially challenging to students who are starting their own career. Salt Lake County is no exception to these challenges. But in light of the outsized impact we have seen, we are doubling down on the value of our internship program as our teams face an ongoing health, economic, and recovery crisis head on. We are on the front lines of this crisis and we need the best help we can find.

In addition, the matter of equity has been weighing heavily on our minds and in order to make positive strides in the right direction, Mayor Wilson has decided to increase the intern positions below from an hourly rate of $7.25/hour to $12.00/hour. This will allow for students who can’t afford to take an unpaid or low paying internship have the same opportunities as those who can.   

The experience offered in an internship with Salt Lake County will be a once in a lifetime opportunity at a most unprecedented time.  Please find the links below of the following internships being offered by the Salt Lake County Mayor’s Office.

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Last Updated: 4/14/21