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Foster Family Supervisor

  1. Primary Function of Position

To supervise the foster family consultants and Training and Recruitment Specialist within the Refugee Foster Care Program. To ensure that families licensed through Catholic Community Services (CCS) meet all state requirements and are provided with adequate training and ongoing support. To strategize and implement resources to increase foster family retention.

  1. Major Position Responsibilities
    1. Overall responsibility for the job performance of the foster family consultants Training and Recruitment Specialist team. Provides supervision with fairness, competence and professionalism.
    2. Overall responsibility for assuring that CCS is in compliance with all state regulations regarding foster family licensing.
    3. Ensures foster homes are distributed equitably to foster family consultants based on family needs, family consultant skills, and staff workloads.
    4. Assists in making placement decisions regarding youth and finds respite services as needed.
    5. Ensures all required reports regarding licensing are completed in a timely manner, including reports to USCCB and the Office of Licensing.
    6. Completes home studies and license renewals for all foster families.
    7. Schedules audits of foster home files on regular basis to ensure compliance with regulations governing program.
    8. Hires and provides necessary training to enhance the skills and abilities of foster family licensing team.
    9. Assists in planning trainings for foster families.
    10. Trains and supports foster families as needed.
    11. Seeks feedback from foster families and responds to needs to improve foster parent satisfaction and retention.
    12. Ensures that the Recruitment and Training Specialist implements an annual recruitment plan and carries out recruitment activities.
    13. Develops internal tools to better serve foster families and youth.
    14. Participates in weekly staff meetings, monthly licensing meetings, and other meetings as needed.
    15. Adherence to Organization Policies and Procedures.
    16. Demonstrate a commitment to Quality Improvement.
    17. Other duties as may be assigned.
  • Work Environment – inside/outside, office, warehouse, noise, temperature, etc.
    1. Work will be performed primarily inside but will occur in foster homes, community events, and other locations as needed in addition to being performed in an office. Driving is required in this position.
  1. Physical Demands including bending, sitting, lifting and driving
    1. Work requires the ability to sit and stand for long periods, to walk moderate distances, to drive, and occasionally to assist with physical activities such as helping to set up for an RFC event.

  2. Skills, Knowledge, and/or Abilities
    1. Works independently in safe, appropriate manner. Demonstrates both problem solving and problem prevention.
    2. Displays sensitivity to the needs of clients, client’s families, visitors, co-workers, volunteers and other persons with whom the employee may interact.
    3. Recognizes time as a valuable resource and responds promptly to needs of clients and co-workers. Consistently performs work assignments in a time-efficient manner.  Adheres to deadlines.
    4. Proficiency in English oral and written communication.
    5. Must maintain confidentiality regarding clients
    6. Ability to supervise and manage staff.
    7. Proficiency in computer skills to maintain case files, complete documentation, scheduling and e-mail in Outlook and Excel. Ability to perform functions as itemized in nature and scope of position.

  3. Education, Training and/or Experience
    1. Bachelors or Masters Degree in Social Work from an accredited institution.
    2. Certification as an SSW, CSW, or LCSW required.
    3. Familiar with and supportive of the mission of Catholic Community Services of Utah and the vision of the Catholic Church articulated by the diocesan bishop.
    4. Experience with multi-cultural and refugee community.
    5. One to two years of experience supervising and managing staff.
    6. Experience in foster home licensing.
    7. Experience in parent training/support.
  • Background Screen/BCI requirement
    1. Ability to pass a national BCI/FBI background check.

  • Licenses, certifications and credentials
    1. Current Utah driver’s license, proof of auto insurance with minimum policy liability limits of $50,000 per person and $100,000 per occurrence, 21 years of age or older, a clean driving record, and ability to meet CCS vehicle safety requirements.
  1. Position status and expected schedule
    1. This position is full-time, exempt.
    2. The general schedule will consist of 40 hours to be worked between Monday and Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 8:00 PM. Occasional weekend hours will be needed for emergency response and recruitment orientations.

To apply: Please go the company website: and apply under the employment tab.

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Last Updated: 9/19/19