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Emergency Hire Youth Worker


Orient youth to agency policies, programs and expectations. Provides supervision to youth; participates with youth in recreational and educational activities and provides general information as necessary. Monitors youth; supervises daily chores and meal preparation; and provides crisis intervention to youth as directed by merit employees on staff.


* Referral by a Program Manager after initial interview

* Must attend all required Division of Youth Services and Salt lake County trainings

Must pass a yearly criminal background screening by the Bureau of Criminal Investigations

Must have valid Utah driver's license


  • Provides ongoing structured, stable and interactive environment for children.
  • Assists with daily living and hygiene needs.
  • Addresses children's daily physical and emotional needs.
  • Provides appropriate supervision based on child's safety needs.
  • Maintains professional demeanor, complies with agency policies and procedures, maintains Pledge of Confidentiality, and adheres to Providers Code of Conduct.
  • Checks youth belongings for weapons or contraband and confiscates unsafe or illegal materials.
  • Provide a safe, clean and fair environment by engaging and monitoring youth to promote cooperation and compliance. Attends to potentially dangerous situations including facility and equipment damage.


An "At Will", FLSA non-exempt employee who is not eligible for County benefits and who must work an average of 28 hours or less per week or an average of 112 hours or less per month.  

  • Must work an average of 28 hours or less per week or an average of 112 hours or less per month.
  • Are not eligible for County benefits except as otherwise provided for by policy.
  • Are not considered merit employees.
  • Are "at will" employees who may be terminated for any reason, without notice, and without a pre-termination hearing.

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Last Updated: 9/11/19