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Conduct psycho-social family evaluations and mental health evaluations in English and Spanish; enter client narrative into a report as the interview is developing, administer questionnaires; then use interview draft, questionnaires’ results and diagnostic tools to finish a formal write-up, that includes a summary, recommendations, client narrative, clinical assessment and diagnoses, as needed. Promptly communicate with clinical director, attorneys, their assistants and other staff to serve the patients’ needs.

The right candidate will have experience in using the DSM-5 and other diagnostic tools to accurately assess patients’ presentation, and accurately redact recommendations and clinical assessments in a formal document, for use by attorneys, immigration adjudicators and immigration judges. Attention to detail is a must.

Required Skills:
• Ability to conduct a psychosocial and/or clinical interview with patients in both English and Spanish
• Ability to communicate warmth and empathy while maintaining a clinical focus to accomplish assessment objectives
• Ability to elicit trust and create a therapeutic environment to support and guide trauma victims through a forensic interview to obtain pertinent information to satisfy their immigration case
• Excellent professional writing skills in English
• Excellent organizational skills
• Ability to type narrative responses from the client while conducting the assessment interview

This position is a contracted opportunity, initially part-time. No benefits are available. Please contact: Patricia Rodriguez-Totterer, LCSW at 801-719-7402 or if interested.

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Last Updated: 10/3/19