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Substance Use Disorder Counselor

Based in Sandy, Utah, Collective Recovery is a place where individuals can seek professional support for substance use disorders. Using a holistic approach to substance use disorder treatment, we help increase the overall health and well-being of individuals. These methods promote improving physical health, emotional balance, and the exploration of broader meaning. These approaches compliment mindfulness-based cognitive approaches such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mind Body Bridging. Collective Recovery also offers classes in yoga, meditation, exercises in mindfulness, nutrition, and physical fitness.

Collective Recovery is focused on improving all areas of its clients lives in order to improve protective factors to promote long-term recovery. We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment and encourage change through self-determination, accountability, reflection, and community. What is difficult to manage alone, we can accomplish collectively.

Role: Substance Use Disorder Counselor Status: full time; Supervisor: Clinical Director

Role Description: Counselor providing individual and group counseling services to clients of outpatient substance use treatment program.


  • Assessment and Diagnosis of substance use disorder, based on DSM-V and ASAM criteria.
  • Assisting clients in being well-informed treatment consumers.
  • Educating clients on their client rights.
  • Creating and maintaining a safe space for exploration of difficult and painful topics in the therapy process.
  • Completing documentation in a timely manner.
  • Addressing client retention through relationship building, maintenance and repair.
  • Discharge planning.
  • Providing referrals to community resources as needed.
  • Managing time effectively.
  • Engaging in and supporting a collaborative work environment.
  • Seeking supervision as needed.
  • Attending clinical and staff meetings regularly.

How to know if you are right for this role:

  • You hold a Masters degree in a counseling-related field.
  • You enjoy working in substance use treatment or have a clear understanding of its importance.
  • You currently hold and will maintain an active license to practice as a marriage and family therapist, clinical mental health counselor, or clinical social worker license through DOPL.
  • You have knowledge of HIPAA and 42 CFR Part 2 and how it applies to you.
  • You are creative, well organized, highly ethical, and professional.
  • You see the value in a collaborative supervision relationship regardless of licensure status.
  • You are willing to work evenings as needed.
  • You have an understanding of the criminal justice system and how it intersects with substance use treatment.
  • You are willing to contribute to the growth of the team.
  • You are interested in examining your professional growth and receiving support from your supervisor in developing skills and expanding your role.
  • You have great interpersonal skills.
  • You have the ability to learn Best Notes electronic health record system.
  • You are familiar with Google Drive.
  • You have strong boundary-setting and crisis intervention skills.


  • Supervision toward license is provided

Job Type: Full-time


For more information or to apply, contact Lauren Disner, or 385.557.2183 ext. 104

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Last Updated: 10/24/19