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Victim-Survivor Advocate

Job Summary

The Center for Student Wellness is a comprehensive wellness office that provides health education, Victim-Survivor advocacy services, wellness-related programming and training, STI/HIV testing and more. This office seeks a Victim-Survivor Advocate who is committed to taking a holistic approach to support and empower students, faculty and staff who have experienced sexual, gender-based and intimate partner violence; stalking; sexual harassment. The advocate will be responsible for assessment and ongoing individual case management to identify both immediate and long-term needs, rights, options and appropriate referrals for survivors. The Victim-Survivor Advocate will provide trauma-informed, survivor-focused services including rights and options, in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations (civil and criminal) and campus policies. These services include but are not limited to: safety planning; academic support; medical and mental health referrals; legal and criminal justice support; reporting assistance; and crisis response to their clients.

The successful candidate will be an active participant in serving the mission of the Center for Student Wellness through campus and community education, advocacy, outreach and special events. They will be detail oriented, organized, collaborative, and client-centered. They will maintain ethical boundaries and excellent professional judgement; understand and utilize trauma-informed approaches to their work, and demonstrate the ability to handle stressful situations, prioritize needs among competing demands, maintain work-life balance, and engage in self-care practices in order to best meet the needs of the campus community. They will demonstrate cultural humility and experience working with clients whose experiences, backgrounds and perspectives may be different from their own.


1. Serves as a general resource, advocate and referral agent for students, faculty and staff seeking sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking information and services
2. Provides direct advocacy and case management services including:
• Academic support and navigation assistance with University systems
• Assistance and support with reporting, i.e., law enforcement, Title IX.
• Safety planning on and off campus
• Appropriate referrals for medical and mental health needs
• Assistance and support with navigating legal and criminal justice processes
• Crisis response and referrals
3. Maintains accurate records of services and referrals to ensure comprehensive quality care for survivors
4. Understands and complies with campus policy for support and reporting procedures, i.e., University of Utah policy, Campus SAVE Act, The Clery Act, and Title IX
5. Understands and complies with confidentiality related policy and procedure, i.e., Utah Confidential Communications Act, FERPA
6. Participates in mandatory training and continuing education
7. Remains calm and maintains ethical and professional boundaries while working with sensitive cases
8. Fosters positive and productive relationships with campus and community stakeholders, colleagues and constituents on sensitive topics
9. Serves on campus and community committees and task forces related to interpersonal violence
10. Provides outreach and education to the campus community on behalf of the Center for Student Wellness
11. Collaborates with campus and community partners to support campus-wide initiatives and activities that relate to the mission of the Center for Student Wellness
12. Other duties as assigned



Bachelor’s degree in psychology, social work, or related field or equivalency. Two years experience providing direct service and crisis intervention in sexual assault response preferably at a university setting. Utah State Certified Victim Advocate (40 Hour Trained). In-depth knowledge of current literature and best practices regarding sexual assault and inter-personal violence. Excellent writing and professional speaking skills. Demonstrated ability to work with students and administrators on sensitive topics.

Master’s degree (MSW or related field), working knowledge of federal regulations related to campus (VAWA, Title IX, Campus Security ACT), grant writing experience, and student affairs experience are preferred.

Department Specific Qualifications
● Two years’ experience providing direct service, case management and crisis intervention for survivors of sexual assault and/or interpersonal violence
● Sexual Assault Counselor Certified (40 hour Confidential Communications Act training completed)
● In-depth knowledge of current literature and best practices regarding sexual, gender-based and intimate partner violence; stalking; sexual harassment


• Experience working in higher education with college students, faculty and/or staff
• Bilingual or multilingual speaking and/or writing skills
• Experience working with communities and individuals whose experiences, identities and perspectives are different from their own.

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Last Updated: 11/6/19