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Research Analyst

Job Summary

Performs varied support functions, including gathering and analyzing data. Contributes information or materials for research projects.


1. Compiles data from a variety of sources.
2. Enters data into the computer system.
3. Assists in the preparation of manuscripts and presentation materials.
4. Maintains files and records of research data. 
5. Drafts correspondence to answer inquiries and respond to requests about the projects.
6. Edits research papers, project reports, and publication materials. 
7. May travel to a variety of sites both within and outside the University campus to obtain data.


Work Environment and Level of Frequency that may be required

Nearly Continuously: Office environment.

Physical Requirements and Level of Frequency that may be required

Nearly Continuously: Sitting, hearing, listening, talking.

Often: Repetitive hand motion (such as typing), walking. 

Seldom: Bending, reaching overhead.


Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in a related scientific field, or equivalency, plus two years of related experience. Demonstrated human relations and effective communication skills required. A valid Utah Driver’s License may be required in certain departments.


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Last Updated: 2/27/19