BSW Practicum

All BSW students must complete a 450-hour field practicum, or internship. This capstone experience offers an opportunity for students to integrate, apply and contribute to social work knowledge, skills and values in a community agency setting, under the supervision of a qualified Field Instructor. Our numerous field practicum partnerships reflect the diverse settings and fields of practice in which social workers find employment. Our BSW program offers over 150 different internship placement options. A variety of local, national, and international sites is available.

The Field Education department has evaluated each affiliated agency and supervising social work practitioner (Field Instructor). The agency mission, scope of services, funding sources, staffing, client populations, levels of supervision, and learning opportunities are assessed in relation to professional accreditation standards established by the Council on Social Work Education. Criteria for agency selection includes the agency’s mission to serve diverse clients and populations at risk, and to promote economic and social justice within the ethics and values of the social work profession. Assessment is made of the credentials, experience, teaching ability and professionalism of the social workers who elect to supervise student learning as University-designated Field Instructors.

Last Updated: 9/4/18