Voices of Diversity (VOD)

Purpose of Group
This is a group of students who are interested in providing support, resources, and information to all students, particularly students of color and international students, who are interested in promoting understanding and social justice in the various areas we call diversity. They also support students of color and international students in navigating the challenges of successfully obtaining their goals of higher education.

Open to All University Students?

How does your group enhance a student’s experience at the University?
Our group exposes the inequities and marginalization of oppressed groups. VOD works toward a greater understanding and advocacy for social justice issues. This prepares University students, as a whole, to navigate competently in our global society and community. This also prepares our students to become advocates and allies in the areas of social justice to make our society accountable and able to reach the ideals that define our country.

How does your group improve the University as a whole?
The activities, particularly the Social Justice Series, will show that the University of Utah is at the forefront of major issues that impact all of us. The impact of the speakers and presentations will create an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding on our campus and in the community. We will also be a model for other Universities across the nation.

What is your group currently doing to reach out and include more students?
VOD holds monthly meetings to facilitate dialogue and strategies which will translate into action. Regular emails regarding diversity issues, functions, and events are sent to VOD members. These emails are collaborative efforts with various organizations and institutions from across the state. VOD students regularly inform other students about the organization and recruit by word of mouth. As a panel member, lecturer, and presenter at various functions on and off campus, Irene M. Ota, the advisor, announces and makes students aware of VOD.

Last Updated: 1/3/19