Moving It Forward Social Justice Awards

Formerly the Pete Suazo Social Justice Awards


The University of Utah College of Social Work – with the ASUU student group, Voices of Diversity (VOD) – invites the community to submit nominations for the Moving It Forward Social Justice Awards. These awards recognize the work of those who are dedicated to the goal of social and economic justice.

The College of Social Work has been honored to be able to carry Senator Pete Suazo’s name with the Social Justice Awards given these past 12 years. It was solely at the bequest of the family that the award name was changed. The College strives to honor the wishes of our donors. Thus, the College of Social Work is honoring the family’s request to focus Senator Suazo’s legacy on student scholarships. The family and the College agree that social justice issues are of critical importance to our community and that it is appropriate for the College of Social Work to recognize community work in this area. Looking to the future, the College will continue to recognize social justice advocacy with the Moving It Forward Social Justice Awards.

“The Pete Suazo Social Justice Awards have been a powerful acknowledgement of the many social justice advocates in our state, as well as an often-painful reminder of the man we lost,” said Alicia Suazo. “We feel the time is right to focus on a new generation of social justice leaders. We appreciate the College of Social Work’s respect for our wishes and urge the community to embrace the awards under a new name.”

How to Nominate

History of the Awards

Past Recipients

Nominees can be individuals, programs, agencies, organizations, or community leaders (public or private) who have shown initiative and leadership in furthering the cause of social and economic justice for all in the following categories: Community Organization Advocacy through Education; Individual Advocacy through Education; Community Organization Leadership and Advocacy; Individual Leadership and Advocacy; and Lifetime Achievement. Examples include, but are not limited to: developing cultural competency training programs, providing culturally sensitive and appropriate services, being instrumental in effecting policy change, or serving as an advocate for underrepresented and/or disenfranchised individuals/groups.

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