Research Publications

Students who participate in Dixon Girls Forums are asked to complete a pre and post survey. This survey contains questions regarding self assessment, friends, assertiveness, the current curriculum and leadership. The information gathered from these surveys is used to support funding, write timely articles and make adjustments to the curriculum for upcoming forums.

2012 – 2013 Pre and Post Data
124 Participants were asked the following on a scale of Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree

Results listed below (Agree and Strongly Agree combined)

          Pre Test      Post Test
I value my education      90.9%      97.1%
I value my school      43.3%      87.5%
I approach new tasks with confidence      39.4%      75.8%
I work well with all types of people      39.8%      72.6%
I am sensitive to the needs of other people      42.8%      79.9%
I accept change      35.5%      69.4%
I gather information before making a decision      38.5%      66.1%
I set goals for myself      42.0%      81.4%
I am comfortable being led by others      37.5%      62.3%
I am not afraid to be in leadership roles      40.7%      83.9%

End of Year Survey for Dixon Girls Forums

Improved my self-confidence      71.8%
Increased my understanding of what girls can do      75.8%
Triggered feelings of accomplishment and pride      77.4%
Increased my leadership skills      80.6%
Improved my relationship with other girls      73.4%
Increased my interest in women’s issues      68.5%
Increased my interest in school and educational affairs      70.9%
Met my expectations      76.6%
Increased my belief that I can affect change in my school      70.2%
Increased my desire to become more involved in my community      73.4%
Increased my desire to further my education      75.8%
Made me aware of major contributions made by women in history      82.2%
Last Updated: 8/27/18