Katie L. Dixon Women Girls Leadership Endowed Fund

About the K.L. Dixon Fund

SpaffordGirlsLeadershipForum11-29-05The College of Social Work established the Katie L. Dixon Women Girls Leadership Endowed Fund in 2006 to help meet the growing need for leadership programs tailored to young and adult women. The Katie L. Dixon Fund operates under the direction of Dianne Cunningham.

The mission of the Katie L. Dixon Women Girls Leadership Endowed Fund is to support leadership initiatives and activities that encourage the varied and important roles young and adult women have in their homes, schools and communities. The Dixon Endowed Fund provides financial support to current College of Social Work sponsored leadership programs including:

  • Girls Leadership Forums – School-based programs that bring diverse groups of young women together to share experiences, learn skills, and discuss life goals.
  • Women’s Leadership Forums – Involvement in University and community based programs that support women as leaders in the workplace and community.

Additionally, the Dixon Endowed Fund will make it possible for the College to develop new leadership programs such as:

  • Mentoring Seminars – Sessions that provide opportunities for young girls to meet with adult women mentors in their communities.
  • Collaborative Efforts – Activities that foster collaboration among women’s organizations and advocacy groups for the purpose of discussing issues and implementing solutions to problems women face today.
  • High-Risk Outreach Programs – Expansion of current Girls Leadership Forums to additional junior high and high schools across the state, particularly to schools in higher risk areas where girls face especially difficult challenges.
  • Multigenerational Roundtable – Encourages girls to bring their sisters, mothers, aunts, and grandmothers together to discuss leadership skills and self-esteem issues, consider service opportunities for their communities, and address many of the issues that have affected generations of women.
  • Community Service Learning Projects – Promotes a community voluntary project selected by the girls where they apply the skills they learned in the Forums to address real-life needs in their home, schools, and community.

The Dixon Girls Forums are supported by the College of Social Work and through generous contributions of family and friends to the Dixon Fund.

Last Updated: 8/27/18