Social Justice Small Grants Program

$250 – $500

Award Period: Spring
Applicant submission time periods: January 15 – February 15

Award Period: Summer
Applicant submission time periods: April 15 – May 15

Award Period: Fall
Applicant submission time periods: August 15 – September 15

The initiative for Transformative Social Work invites students or staff and faculty facilitating projects with students in the College of Social Work to submit applications for projects to be considered for the ITSW Social Justice Small Grants Program. Funding under this program ranges from $250 – $500 per grantee.

The Initiative for Transformative Social Work (ITSW) seeks to develop and nurture an inclusive and empowering community that pursues equity in the College of Social Work by promoting greater understanding, dismantling privilege, and diminishing power discrepancies. ITSW’s vision is to create equity in the College through student-informed and driven initiatives that center social justice ideals and anti-oppression activities

ITSW values:

  • Community partnership and awareness-raising initiatives
  • Peer support and collaborations with CSW educational units
  • Student and faculty development

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The focus of the projects must be social justice oriented and facilitate one of the following commitments in social work:

  • increase knowledge and/or understanding of forms and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination;
  • advocate for human rights, social and/or economic justice;
  • or implement a practice that advances social and economic justice

Therefore, projects that will be considered for the small grant will further social justice efforts either through education, advocacy, and/or practice.

How to apply: To be considered for a grant, applicants must submit: a letter of intent, project title and summary, project timeline, resume, and a detailed budget attention to the Director for the Initiative for Transformative Social Work: Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima at

Process: Small grants will be initially assessed by the director for ITSW and final recommendations will be made. Individuals that are successful will be notified as soon as possible including a letter outlining the process for the project grant. A final report must be submitted by the awardee at the end of the term of the award (Fall awardees submit by December 15; Spring awardees submit by May 1; and summer awardees submit by August 1).

Eligibility: to be eligible for the grant, recipients must either be actively enrolled students, a staff, or a faculty member with the College of Social Work. Groups may also apply for the grant. Applicants may resubmit their project for re-consideration up to three times.

The following will not be covered by the grant:

  1. Core (normal) operating costs of applicant organizations
  2. Vehicles
  3. Organizations that are not ASU certified
  4. General fundraising appeals
  5. Deficit funding
  6. Duplication of existing services
  7. Individuals that have, or have access to, significant government or other funding
  8. Projects that do not meet the identified goals and priorities of the Initiative for Transformative Social Work


Last Updated: 10/9/18