MSW Advanced Standing Program in Salt Lake City

Application Deadline: September 30 for a start date of May the following year
Admission decisions announced by January 15

Students who have a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree are eligible to apply for the Advanced Standing Program, which reduces the number of credits required to earn an MSW degree to 45 credit hours.

Only students admitted during or after the academic year in which a program is granted candidacy will be recognized as having graduated from an accredited program. Students admitted prior to the academic year in which the program was granted candidacy will not be recognized as having graduated from a CSWE-accredited social work education program.

The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accreditation standards requires that BSW programs include academic content comparable to what is taught in the first-year of MSW programs. Thus, the University of Utah’s MSW Program has developed an option for students who have earned a bachelor degree in social work from a CSWE accredited program. Students who have earned a BSW degree may apply to the MSW program as Advanced Standing students. (Click here for a directory of CSWE accredited social work programs.) Students with BSW degrees are encouraged to apply to the Advanced Standing program. They may also apply to the two-year MSW Program if they wish, giving them additional learning opportunities. If choosing to apply to the two-year program, they cannot also apply to the Advanced Standing Program in the same year and need to know that no first year MSW coursework will be waived.

Only students with a BSW earned in the last 7 years by the application deadline may apply for the MSW Advanced Standing Program. Applicants who have earned a BSW degree more than 7 years ago are required to apply for the full-time, two-year MSW program.


During their first semester, students take required bridge classes and begin taking elective courses. They complete second-year core classes and 600 hours of field placement (practicum) during fall and spring semesters on weekdays, graduating in May or August. The Advanced Standing Program requires a total of 45 credit hours to earn an MSW (typically taken as 15 credits per semester). The BSW degree and all prerequisite classes must be completed before the first day of MSW classes and verified through official transcripts to the Graduate Admissions office (degree) and the MSW office (prerequisite classes). Applicants must have received their BSW by the end of spring semester in order to qualify for MSW admission beginning summer semester.

The Advanced Standing curriculum prepares students for practice with specific areas/populations, including child welfare, health, forensics, mental health, substance use, aging and global social work. Advanced Standing students take classes primarily on Thursdays and Fridays and complete 600 hours in their field placements on the other weekdays. Some practicum agencies may have flexible hours.

Summer Program of Study Guide (AS Only)

Lena Al-Rayess
Coordinator, MSW Admissions